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Ensuring Pain-free Oral Treatment with Sedation Dentistry in Innisfil

If you are someone who has avoided a dental visit due to the fear of unbearable pain, we are the right clinic for you to visit. Innisfil Dental Smile Solutions offers sedation dentistry services in Innisfil, helping people maintain good oral health without being scared of the dental chair. We specialize in wisdom teeth removal procedures and minimize the pain by sedating the patient before the procedure. If you are looking for a reliable dentist who can work with your dental anxiety, book an appointment with us today!

General Anesthesia

Dental fear and anxiety is a common issue but can negatively impact your oral health. It can cause minor issues to become major tooth problems. Dentistry performed under general anesthesia or “sleep dentistry” is a safe and effective way to help you with anxiety and phobia during a dental procedure. Utilizing the most advanced sedation dentistry methods, Dr Nariman Farshadi-Azar and Dr. Brian Kumer can provide you with absolute comfort before, during, and after any dental procedure. 

Is Sleep Dentistry Right for You?

Talk to the experienced team at Innisfil Dental Smile Solutions to know if sleep dentistry is the right option for you. With a caring and compassionate staff, we have created a space devoted to helping patients who suffer from dental phobia. Our team will address all your problems and questions and then suggest solutions that are best suited for you. Depending on your case, we may suggest oral medication or IV conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If the dental phobia is preventing you from visiting your dentist, we have a solution for you. At Innisfil Dental Smile Solutions, we offer sedation dentistry for those who suffer anxiety or need to undergo major treatment to make the whole experience comfortable and stress-free. During the procedure, we provide an oral sedative prior to the dental visit.


When you visit our clinic, we use nitrous oxide to supplement the effects of the oral sedative to maintain your state of calm. Our experienced and trained staff will monitor your vital signs and comfort level throughout the treatment and will make adjustments accordingly.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide in Oral Sedation

Nitrous oxide is also known as “laughing gas" and offers great benefits when it comes to oral sedation. Here is how it works:

  • When mixed with oxygen and administered through a face mask, it helps in blocking pain and reducing anxiety.

  • It is commonly used in various aspects of dentistry to facilitate comfort.

  • When combined with an oral sedative, it becomes effective in eliminating the fear associated with dental procedures.

IV Conscious Sedation

In IV sedation or intravenous sedation, the sedatives are administered intravenously into the bloodstream, and the patient begins to feel relaxed within a matter of seconds. It leads to conscious sedation or a “twilight” state, in which you are not unconscious, but your body and mind are completely relaxed. You will still be able to respond to questions or react to verbal cues during the procedure. 

What Happens After IV Sedation?

  • It often happens that you do not have any memory of the procedure.

  • Someone will have to take you home after the procedure because of the relaxed state.

  • The sedation will soon begin to wear off, and you will be able to take part in normal activities within the next day.

Sedation Dentistry for Hassle-free Visits

We offer sedation dentistry that helps in making any dental procedure pain-free and stress-free.

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